Ever since the age of three, Aleah Alvarado was fascinated by makeup. As the years progressed, she grew fond of the beauty trend and exhibiting expression through makeup and color schemes. At the age of 27 years old, she embarked on the journey of starting her own makeup line, Haviic Cosmetics launching to the public in April 2013. The name derived from the thrill that makeup lovers thrive on to find the perfect color, topper or statement piece needed that will drive a woman crazy to fulfill their fashion endeavor.

As Founder and CEO of the company, Alvarado strives to keep every woman feeling beautiful and confident in their own skin. With mainly talc free and paraben free products, there are no chemical preservatives, acids or alcohols to dry up the skin further allowing every woman the comfort of smooth application. Haviic Cosmetics caters to your average girl next door just learning about makeup and how to apply, the mom on the go who may not have time to do touch ups on a constant basis, the fashionista utilizing art through makeup expression and more!

Haviic Cosmetics stands apart from the rest, performing house-call Makeup Parties, product/beauty consultations and special product orders assisting customers in finding what their heart desires without the aggravation of an unsatisfactory search doing it themselves. With affordable rates, Haviic easily brings beauty to your front door. It has become easily attainable to women all over, just a stamp away. Through safe and secure purchases, each customer is provided with efficient service for quality that lasts.

 In a short time span, Haviic Cosmetics has created a captivating line of products, from natural, matte tones to high pigmented colors that blast.  Shop Haviic and transform your look to bold beauty!

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