Complimentary 3 hour service throughout NYC & NJ plus we travel to you!


FREE gift for hostess

20% OFF all orders on site for hostess


10% OFF all orders on site for guests


FREE Shipping on all orders on site for EVERYONE


Learn makeup application tips & tricks via live makeup demo


Experience the perks of having a personal shopper with "Special Order Requests" where you can customize an order of your preference


On site makeup application assistance

Enjoy the liberty of wreaking HAVIIC & we also travel to you!


Rates starting at $100/pp for 1 Hour


Get your makeup professionally done by a Certified & Published Makeup Artist. Specialized experience in proper skin preparation, color correction techniques, current makeup trends and more


Choose a makeup look of your choice


False lash application included


3HR Service throughout NYC & NJ at no additional costs & we travel to you!


Rates starting at $50/pp  


FREE gift for hostess
Hands on makeup class with your friends

Full makeup kit available for use

Makeup application tips/tricks; skincare prep, color correction, contour/highlight, brow sculpting, foundation matching & MORE 

Discounted orders on site + free shipping


On site makeup application assistance

Catering to confidence with every encounter & we travel to you!


Rates starting at $100/pp for 90 mins.


Learn at your own pace one-on-one with a makeup instructor


Customized lesson plans according to your needs to enhance techniques that may be troubling you


Foundation matching, color correcting, the art of winged liner, brow sculpting, contour/highlight & more


All supplies and makeup products accessible to you for each class


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