Haviic Services

Makeup Parties


Rally up for some girl talk & makeup fun! Host receives one FREE GIFT and a free makeover to use at a later time! Enjoy a demo on how to use Haviic goodies plus application techniques. All guests receive 10% off. (Valid within 20 miles of zip 10035 or mileage fees apply). Click 'Book Online' on the upper right hand toolbar and get started!! 

Makeup Artist Bookings


Haviic Cosmetics caters to confidence, and what better way to wreak Haviic than with bold, long-lasting pigmented colors. Designed to elicit the free spirit in you, book Haviic for the perfect amount of beauty and conviction. Rates start at $100 and include a full face of makeup for any style of your choice, false lash application and a powder puff to retouch on your own! Click 'Book Online' on the upper right hand toolbar and get started!! 


Beauty Consultations/Product Sampling


Sometimes we love a product but don't know if it works well with our skin type and/or complexion. Learn what colors compliment your tone and which ones to steer clear from. Haviic Cosmetics will show you ways to flatter your skin while allowing you to test each product prior to purchasing. With Haviic, get beauty that's right! Must take place within 20 miles of zipcode 10035 or mileeage fees apply. Simply click 'Contact' on the upper right hand toolbar and fill out the form with the date/time you'd like to schedule a consultation. Someone will get back to you within 48 hrs.

Special Order Requests


Become an instant VIP customer with your own personal shopper! Haviic Cosmetics is here to help you find product(s) you’re searching for at no additional cost! Wish it, Tell it, Receive it!  Simply click 'Contact' on the upper right hand toolbar and explain what type of product(s) you're looking for and the quantity desired. Haviic Cosmetics will consult with you prior to any finalizations and will forward ingredient list and image(s) of the item(s) for reference/approval. Full payment of product(s) is required once you agree to the obtained item(s) on your wish list! Be sure to include a phone number for more rapid results.