Seven Year Old Mogul in the Making

In need of inspiration, motivation or just a smile? TRUST ME, when I say Alyssa Cheatham is the solution, it is no joke! At just 7 years old, she is truly one amazing little human being!

Alyssa Cheatham is a child star, actress and singer. Her most recent work is featured in "Collateral Beauty" starring as Will Smith's daughter, in theaters now. Her work ethic is nothing short of amazing and she continues to thrive within the industry.

On January 16, 2017 Haviic Cosmetics had the utmost pleasure of joining the production team for Alyssa's very first music video, "The Weekend". This catchy, fun-filled song is about having just one more day of fun and relaxation! I know that's something we can all relate to at any age!

As the official makeup Sponsor and makeup team, the Haviic Squad was thrilled to witness such an inspiring gem at such an early age. Alyssa is fearless and showcases her singing and dancing talents so exuberantly that you can literally feel the happiness consume you. We can't wait for the release of "The Weekend" and we have exclusive behind the scenes pics and videos that prove this young girls hard work and determination. Here's a sneak peak, all exclusives are under wraps and you'll just have to stay tuned.

A behind the scenes look at Haviic Cosmetics goodies lying about in preparation for makeover madness!

Jasmine Rivera behind the scenes applying makeup on set for video "Mom"

Jasmine Rivera behind the scenes applying makeup on set for video "Mom"

With the help of MUA's Hazuki Wada, Marissa Buongiorno & Jasmine Rivera alongside Founder & CEO of Haviic Cosmetics, we successfully wrapped the video shoot with smiles that were contagious! Even after the grueling 6am call times 😉

Be sure to follow Alyssa Cheatham's acting and singing adventures and support her every endeavor to live a happy and successful life!

Buy "The Weekend" now and watch out for the Music Video Premiere early this Spring!!



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