James Vincent & Danessa Myricks wasted no time keeping us all up to date, inspired and in the know for this Season's Makeup Show expectations on Feb 7, 2017! Many Makeup Artists tend to struggle with keeping up with trend, let alone understanding what it is. James Vincent gave us the step by step 411 on how to hone in on TRENDING & now I get to share the scoop.

Here's your "ON TREND" plan of action, straight from James' mouth himself:

1. Plan ahead with color and texture

2. Develop inspired design

3. Understand your client and product purchases

4. Hone your brand proposition

5. Develop a tailor-made interpretation in your signature style

6. Create applications that are timely and timeless

Now, as artists and/or beauty lovers we know that not everything is for everyone. So understanding how to manipulate a product for a more desired result can not only enhance your artistry skill level but your individuality.

The ONE-n-ONLY amazing James Vincent, artist/influencer with Haviic Cosmetics CEO, Aleah A.

IG: @jvincentmakeup @haviic_cosmetics

Founder & CEO of Haviic Cosmetics

Some of the amazing brands on site for The Makeup Show TREND REPORT Event in NYC!! Mehron Makeup, NYX Cosmetics, Danessa Myricks Beauty and Crown Makeup Brushes!

IG: @mehronmakeup @nyxcosmetics @danessa_myricks @crownbrush

Makeup Forever was in the building and gave away the cutest little tote with a lip liner to everyone who stopped by their booth and introduced themselves, score!!

IG: @makeupforeverofficial

Last but not least, I also stopped by the Perfect365 Booth; the most popular makeover app that provides you with personal styling to try pre-set makeup styles!

IG: @perfect365_official

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